Our company has over 20 transport teams with all authorizations and certificates. In our possession are modern Renault tractors with KRONE semi-trailers.

We regularly exchange our transport fleet, taking care of the quality of our services. The vehicles are operated by properly trained drivers with extensive experience.

Type of vehicles in the fleet :

- tractor + standard semi-trailer with cubic capacity

from 86m³ to 94m³

- tractor + semi-trailer "mega" - volume 100m³


- "standard" semitrailers

- semi-trailer - mega

- semi-trailer - mega 4-Breit

- MEGA BDE semitrailers

Our trailers are equipped with:

 - non-slip mats

- expansion beams and angles

- Multi-lock system

- aluminum and perforated boards

- load belts with clasps

The type of equipment is always adapted to the needs of a specific transport..